Top 5 New Cars 2018

Top 5 New Cars 2018 –

Arriving Before Christmas.

Our Top 5 New Cars 2018 to put under the Christmas tree. Not in any order. We are starting with Jaguar’s I-Pace because electric is starting to make a mark. Not saying it is mainstream just yet but…Jaguar is taking it very seriously and putting their money where their mouth is. Jaguar will install 50-kilowatt charging stations in all its dealer networks. Making it the largest network in Australia. At the recent launch of the I-Pace Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr Ralph Speth says Australia has a great opportunity to be a leader in this field. He urges the Australian Government to get behind and incentivise consumers towards electric.

1. Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar’s first ever all-electric car and we are paying attention! On sale October and arrives November. Comes with a 5 year/200,000km warranty. A first for Land Rover. Land Rover warranty has never been greater than 3 years.  On top of the five-year factory cover, Jaguar says the I-Pace’s battery pack is also covered by an eight-year, 160,000-kilometre warranty.

Not only is this the first electric vehicle from Jaguar it’s the first time for a warranty program for longer than three years.  So many firsts! The rest of the Jaguar range still retains the three years/100,000km (whichever comes first).

The I-Pace is powered by a dual-motor electric drive system with total outputs of 294kW and 696Nm, good for a 0-100 time of 4.8 seconds (claimed). It has the same power as the Audi RS3!

A dual-motor electric drive system powers the I-Pace with total outputs of 294kW and 696Nm, achieving 0-100 time in 4.8 seconds (Jaguar claim). If so it is the same power as the Audi RS3!

This car is roomy enough for a growing family, has good range and has excellent safety features and state of the art technology.

We love this comment from Car Advice, “it’s incredibly fun to drive and doesn’t feel or look like a science project”. Isn’t that what people want to hear about an electric car. This is a quality car from Jaguar and provides an electric car experience we believe has been missing.

RR Price starts at $119,000 before on-roads and before we negotiate on your behalf.

2. 2019  BMW X5

This is the fourth-generation X5 since the original launced1999, with more than 2.2 million in the market. Back in 1999, the competition in the luxury SUV market was very little. However today the competition is significant. You now have the Mercedes-Benz GLE which was recently revealed its own new-generation, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, Jaguar F-Pace, Volvo XC90, Lexus RX and Porsche Cayenne. All excellent large luxury SUV’s.

The 4th generation is unmistakeably an X5 but fresher, more of the moment. Externally only small changes can be seen. The most distinctive change is a crease running along the sides that flip up at the rear. The other feature we like is the upsizing of the double kidney grille giving it a tougher ‘look at me appearance’.

From here the big changes occur within. The majority of change is technological, for example, BMW’s new modular ‘CLAR’ system which is shared with the G30 5 Series. This system design enables the accommodation of plug-in hybrid and electric models.

The suspension combines a double-wishbone setup at the front and a five-link setup at the rear and comes standard with a system called Dynamic Damper Control. This uses the car’s electronic brain to change the stiffness of the car’s ride, from cushy to sporty.

Plus, a host of other new technologies, think opening your car with your smartphone. Whilst it may not look a lot different how it drives and what it can do is cutting edge.

RR Price starting $112,990 before on-roads and before we negotiate on your behalf.

3. Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

This is an update and arrives December. Mercedes hasn’t made major body changes as this is a face-lift model. However here’s what makes us fall in love all over again.  Panamericana front grille and an impressive new nine-speed multi-clutch automatic transmission.

A new ESP/TC system that offers a setting for all driving styles. It takes comfort and ride to a new level without losing the muscle car status. An AMG steering wheel is new with updates to buttons and controls. Cruise control has a refresh that improves the traffic jam function. There is an upsize to the digital instrument cluster to 12.3 inches plus internal finishes overall receive a makeover that redefines muscle and luxury.

Important note there is no change to the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 which has us smiling.

RR Pricing starting $159,000 before on-road costs and before we negotiate for you.

4. 2019 Golf GTI

2019 Golf GTI arrives October. Basically, this original hot hatch is receiving the ‘Performance’ specs as standard. Add a 2.0litre turbo petrol with a 7-speed wet clutch DSG transmission which is the same as the Golf R, some tougher brakes and a mechanical limited-slip front differential round out the performance credentials.

In addition, the Active Info Display, and Driver Assistance Package – adaptive cruise with traffic jam assist, lane assist, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, park assist, and light assist are now all standard.

If you are after a sporty European hatch this latest GTI has a lot of ‘bang for your buck’.

P.S. Only available in automatic, controversial.

RR pricing from $45,490 before on-road costs and before we negotiate for you.

5. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford Mustang Bullitt arrives October. This car stole the show in Detroit in January. Damion Smy, Ford Australia Communications Manager says “I would encourage anyone who is interested in a Bullitt to talk to their dealers as quickly as possible because we’re very close to being out of stock,” Or as we would say talk to your broker!

We get why this car would sell so well. One of the greatest if not the greatest car chases in cinema history with one of the all-time great leading men, Steve McQueen behind the wheel. This latest rendition by Ford is the namesake of the film Bullitt.

Under the bonnet of the Bullitt GT is a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine delivering 345kW and 556Nm of power.  6kW over the regular Mustang GT. This car only comes in a six-speed manual because real drivers only drive manual, right! Highland green exterior, red-painted Brembo brake calipers, a cue-ball gear knob, contrast stitching inside and to finish a badge unique to the Bullitt.

RR Price starting $73,688 before on-road costs and before we negotiate for you.

A Few More…

A few other noteworthy cars to add to the top 5 new car 2018 ideas.

If you like the idea of a muscle performance ute try the Ford Ranger Raptor which arrives October. RR Pricing starting $74,900 before on-roads and before we negotiate for you.

A performance dual cab ute…where this car really shines is its off-roading capacity. Particularly at speed on unsealed, rutted gravel roads.

Finally, Porsche 911 GT3 RS due in December. RR Price starting $416,500 before on-roads and before we negotiate for you.

4.0 litre naturally aspirated flat 6 0-100 km in just 3.2 secs the car all supercars benchmark off. Why not treat yourself. We love Lizard Green.

For a list of all new cars arriving before Christmas not just our top 5 new cars2018.

Now your interest is stirred. How do you decide which car is right for you? Take a look at our Car Buyers Checklist.

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