We have been in the business of cars since 2012 and believe protecting the vehicle's paintwork and maintaining its gloss and colour is critical. Paint protection not only maintains your investment but also ensures the pleasure of seeing your car look fantastic. It also retains the value of the vehicle on re-sale.

Why Ceramic Coating?

In one word, Nanotechnology. This technology can create a surface coating of billions of tiny nano-sized particles that fuse to the clear coat on your vehicle. The layer is primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide that bond together to form a hydrophobic or water-repelling finish on the paintwork. This technology produces a high gloss protective coating over the clear coat on the car and reduces the dirt and grime build-up on the paintwork.

Two things to know:

  1. There are many grades of ceramic coating with varying prices. Like anything, a quality product will be more expensive but will produce a better result and last. The alternative is a cheaper product that will break down more quickly, won't do the job it is meant to, and will not look as good.
  2. Ceramic coatings can't damage your paint. However, it will leave streaks, high spots, hazing, and inconsistent reflections if not done correctly. If this happens, the removal is costly and may lead to paint damage.
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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

We always do our own personal vehicles. An unequalled candy-like glass finish and depth to the paint. An intense and lengthy commitment to preparing the vehicle is paramount to achieving the highest level of finish. The preparation and application process usually takes three to four days. There are many benefits, but the paint finish and protection are the main ones.


Here are the primary protection benefits

  • Chemical stains from harmful pollutants
  • Bird and bat droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Road Grime and contaminants
  • Harmful UV Rays
  • Repels Dust, including brake dust
  • Minor Blemishes and Scratches
  • Swirl and scratch marks

A further benefit is the reduced need to wash and car polish due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating. Water-based dirt and grime will bead on the surface and eventually slide off. After each regular hand wash, we recommend using The Quick Detailer finishing spray with microfiber polishing cloths included in the wash pack provided. Following the recommended cleaning process will keep your car looking clean between maintenance washes and help reduce potential water spots between cleans.

We are professionally certified applicators.


What's involved in Ceramic Coating?

The first step is understanding and discussing how your vehicle is used and stored. This ensures you receive the best advice for your car and circumstances. No ceramic coating product is a one-size-fits-all option, so understanding this is necessary before commencing paint correction.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in a vehicle's finish and restoring it to a better-than-new finish. We follow a multiple-pass system where various machine polishers and graded pads remove imperfections from the paintwork. A fully corrected vehicle will show only accurate reflections and no swirl marks, scratches, or blemishes visible to the naked eye. The paint must be fully corrected and prepared before the ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork.

The 3 Steps Of Ceramic Coating

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1. Intensive exterior clean

Before paint correction begins, all contaminants from the surface of the paintwork must be removed. A snow foam layer is applied and rinsed to loosen dirt and grime before a hand wash and rinse. We then use the 3 Bucket Wash and clay bar exfoliation. A clay bar is a non-abrasive resin mixture specifically designed to remove all foreign matter and pollutants from the surface of the car's paint. Deionisng treatment applied, then rinsed.

2. Buffing Polishing & Paint Correction

The level of buffing and polishing depends on if the car is new or used. There are three stages in Paint Correction. Stage 1 – 60-70 %, Stage 2 – 80%-90%, Stage 3 – 90%+. The buffing and car polishing procedure will differ from vehicle to vehicle — depending on several factors, including the amount and type of clear coat used on the vehicle, whether it is single stage paint or not, and the severity of the imperfections found on the paintwork.

3. Sealing And Paint Protection

Trims are masked, and two coats of our professional-grade ceramic coating are applied. This is done over two days. The application is meticulously applied by hand. Both coats require curing. After applying the final coat, it cures for 12 hours in a stationary position. The protectant will give your vehicle depth of colour additional intensity and a glossy hydrophobic surface that helps minimise further scratching and scuff marks, repel water and dirt and protect your car on an ongoing basis.

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