Why Use Red Plum Automotive?

We make car buying one of life’s great pleasures. Where saving money, time and stress for our clients is our driver.


What we do

Red Plum Automotive is a national car buying service that offers car finance and sources you a new car or a used car, at no extra cost. We are here to help save you thousands.
Buying through a professional car brokering service delivers significant advantages.

Simply tell us what
you're after

Once we understand your car needs, we submit multiple requests to dealers to achieve the best price and terms of sale for a new car or a used car.

Sit back, pay less,
get more.

At no direct cost to you, we negotiate the best price for the vehicle you are choosing and take care of all the details, including your trade, delivery, car finance and aftermarket needs.

A Better Way
To Buy A Car

Our industry knowledge and experience as a car search broker means we work for you. We deliver a personalised car broker service and a superior purchasing experience when it comes to buying a new car.

Why Use A Car Search Broker?

Buying a new car through a professional car broker service delivers major advantages.

Do you want to…?

  • Not deal with car salespeople
  • Take the stress out of buying a new car
  • Remove uncertainty regarding the price of a new car
  • Buy at the best price possible

We can help you!

At Red Plum Automotive car buying service, we strive to achieve the best price on a new car!
Our company ethos is to explain every single step in fine detail. You can either skip right ahead and get a price now, or explore our site and find out how our new car broking service works. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions that haven’t already been answered.

Save Time, Save Money

We take care of all the details, up to and including delivery. We offer a range of helpful services including car finance, insurance and aftermarket, ensuring easy access to anything you may need throughout the purchase process and beyond for your new car or used car.

We are your professional car buying service

One-On-One Customer Service

Working one-on-one with a Red Plum Automotive consultant makes for a much more personalised and streamlined car buying experience.

We are your car search brokers in Brisbane and Australia chat to us today

Benefit From Our Extensive Experience As Car Brokers

Our extensive knowledge and understanding as car brokers is at your disposal. We work hard to find the right vehicle. This experience is reflected not only in the price, but the ongoing car buying service you’ll receive throughout the process.

Find the best car loan with us

It doesn't matter if it is a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Toyota or Mazda; we work effectively and efficiently with you.

Need further information? Download our informative  brochure.

Are you ready to buy now? The answer is YES!

Being in a position to buy now, gives us the authority to negotiate on your behalf and get you the best possible deal available.

What is happening with the EV market?

December 6, 2023 • No Comment.

What is happening with the EV market? In 2023, Australians have purchased 65,743 new EVs, up from more than 21,771 during the same period last year. Year-to-date sales of battery electric vehicles have reached 80,446. What is happening with the EV Market? EVs now represent 7.7% of the monthly sales and 7.2% of sales year to date. If you need data to dig deeper into EV sales, this EV Index AAA Data Dashboard link will fill that need. You're welcome! In the world's automotive industry, there is a growing uneasiness about the speed at which electric vehicles will become the primary car choice. Why aren't more Australians buying an EV? The big picture. For two reasons, it's hard to get...