Why use a Car broker?

Buying through a professional car broker delivers major advantages.

Awareness of car brokers in Australia is relatively limited, or not fully understood, but buying through a professional broker can deliver major advantages. Many things can go wrong when you are investing your hard earned dollars into buying your dream car, which can be expensive and stressful. RPA’s depth of knowledge of the car industry and professional approach to doing business ensures that the process is seamless and the primary focus is on you. Think of RPA as
 your very own personalised independent car buying service.

Not all car brokers are created equal. One very critical difference is that Red Plum Automotive is a Licensed Broker and in addition holds a National Dealers License. With this comes the opportunity to buy and sell cars on behalf of our clients but it also provides additional piece of mind to know we hold these licenses and in so doing are committing to Industry Best Practice Guidelines.

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At Red Plum Automotive, we're more than just car brokers; we make car-buying enjoyable and financially rewarding.