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  • by: redplum • 2 years ago

benefits of car window tint

As Summer approaches now is a good time to rethink the benefits of car window tint.

Like many things in life, not all window tint delivers the best result because the product is inferior and the application is poor. We see bubbling tint on car windows everywhere and often on quite new cars. However, if the right product and company apply the tint the benefits of car window tint are significant.

Our service offers a tint option when buying a new or used car however for many reasons customers choose not to install window tint. With Summer almost here we believe car tint during the hotter months makes a huge difference and here is the good news. Car window tint can be applied at any time during the life of the car.

How Tint Works

Sunlight contains three different types of light.

  1. Visible light which is the only light visible to the human eye
  2. Ultraviolet light which is invisible and causes skin damage/skin cancer and affects the colour of fabrics causing it to fade
  3. Infrared Light, the light responsible for 50% of heat felt from the sun

Tint works by reflecting the infrared heat and absorbing the UV rays. Thereby protecting skin and upholstery whilst allowing the visible light to pass through. The car is cooler and protected. A car left outside for 60 minutes on a 35-degree C day reaches temps on the dashboard of 69 degrees C, the steering wheel 50 degrees C and cabin 46 C (Source Madico Inc). A quality tint will reduce solar heat transmission by between 35-55%, block harmful UV by 99 %, reduce glare up to 55% and reduce infrared heat from between 27 – 85% (Source Permagard)

The Difference Between Factory Tinted Glass And Aftermarket Tint

Factory tint glass has pigments and dyes that are added during the manufacturing stage of the glass. The dye changes the depth of colour of the glass and reduces the amount of visible light that passes through. It does not protect from UV or infrared light.

Aftermarket tint is a polyester film that is applied to the glass. The film contains metal particles, dyes and pigments to create a non-reflective film with a scratch-resistant coating. Depending on the tint, different levels of colour, reflective properties and light transference are achieved. Even if your car has factory fitted privacy glass, this is only on the rear windows and not the driver and front passenger windows. The benefits of window tint being applied are no different to cars without factory tint.

Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

  • Reduces the amount of harmful solar and UV radiation, protecting occupants and car finishes
  • Temperature is significantly reduced within the car making it more comfortable and easier for air-conditioning to maintain the temperature in the car
  • Glare is reduced and therefore creates safer driving conditions.

Which Tint Is Right?

There is a wide range of tint products, companies and prices as well as different styles and performance benefits. can show you swatches and talk to you about which auto tint best fits your needs. You should also understand the tint laws for your State before choosing a tint colour. Professional window tint companies can also help you with selecting the best tint for your vehicle that still adheres to state laws. Ultimately it is up to you. However, we recommend you never compromise.

We recommend you research to find the best professional window tint installer. Do a google search. Check their google rating and the overall reputation of the company and the manufacturer of the window tint they sell. The worst thing you can do is base your decision on price. Remember at the start we spoke of the bubbling window tint and even on relatively new cars, they went with the cheap option. It is a false economy, not only does it look bad and devalue your car, it is not providing the benefits of window tint and ultimately will cost money to remove.

On a final note only accept a price that comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, check the fine print of the warranty. Many require yearly checks to be done by the company installing. If this is not done the warranty is void. It is about the quality of the product and the quality of the installer. 


Do some research or contact us. We have spent many years testing and trialling many companies and products. We have worked with a number of suppliers during our eight years in business, our preferred supplier is Permagard. This is because they currently have the best product on the market and provide the best value for money with a National lifetime warranty.

Although factory tinted glass and aftermarket tint may be similar in appearance, the materials, manufacturing procedures, and installation process are very different, giving window tint film additional benefits that factory tint does not provide.

As we head into Summer make sure your car is ready for the heat here is our Car Maintenance Checklist for you.