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  • by: redplum • 7 years ago

Spring is the perfect time to give your car a little TLC…

Before you head out on that summer road trip spring car maintenance will go a long way to making your car look better, drive better and last longer – which will save you money. Here are our top 8 Spring maintenance tips easy enough to do at home in the drive way.

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist




  1. External Clean – Begin with a thorough external clean pay particular attention to the car’s undercarriage where mud and grime build up over the cooler months. Once done thoroughly check the state of the paint work. Look for stone chips and scratches – if left untreated rust will occur. Touch up straight away. Finally, add a top coat of wax to protect and give extra shine. For more tip’s on a professional at home car clean click here.


2. Inside Clean – Give carpets a good vacuum. Clean seats with the appropriate product. Wipe down inside of windows. Remove dirt and dust from the console and empty boot of any unnecessary items.Tyres – Check the tread depth and air pressure. Also, check for any cracks in the rubber. 


3. Oil – Regular changing of engine oil will lengthen the life of your engine and improve fuel economy.Check fluids – Whilst you are under the hood check power steering, brake, windshield washer fluid and coolant levels. If any are low top up to maximum level. Consult your car’s manual as well to check when due for replacement.


4. Wipers – Winter weather is tough on windscreen wiper blades. Replace them now to ensure you’ll be ready for storm season.


5. Air Filter – A clog in your air filter is like trying to run with your hand over your mouth. Air filters should be swapped every 12 months and stop insects and grime from getting in the engine. Your car’s manual should have info on how to easily replace the filter.


6. Battery – Whilst you are under the hood also check the terminal points of your battery. You do not want corrosion. This prolongs battery life. Batteries should last for between 2-3 years. If they need replacing be sure to do so using the manufacturer’s specifications.

Best left to the professionals….


Brakes – your car’s breaks get a workout over winter as they are subjected to constant temperatures changes. Leave this one to the professionals as they will need to check the brake pad condition, fluid levels, clean components and check all the moving parts.

Fuel Filter – Fuel filters should be changed every 2 years and a clogged one means your engine won’t get the required amount of fuel needed to run properly which in the long run can cause a range of issues.


If you follow our spring car maintenance checklist your car will be ready for summer conditions and the great summer road trip will all dream of. However, not everyone wants to undertake all aspects of the checklist so use it as a guide when you have your mechanic and car detailer undertaking the work for you. Either way, your car will love you for it!