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EOFY car sales advertisements are everywhere and you are thinking about buying a new car. Is it a good time to buy? There are many factors to consider and it is not just about price. A great price is a strong motivator though and who doesn’t love a ‘never to be repeated’ price? But first, let’s understand why dealers are running at you as EOFY approaches.

EOFY Car Sales Ads Marketing – Its Purpose

Dealers are in the business of selling cars and making as much profit as they can. That’s ok, we live in a free-market economy where competition is good. Particularly when you are in the market to buy something.

The car market is becoming tougher and more competitive. What marketers have done is taken the EOFY car sales and the End of Calendar Year car sales ( read our blog story HERE ) and thrown a lot of money at these two main points on the calendar. Except they have also marketed Demonstrator Sales, End of Model Run Out Sales, Spring Sales, Winter Sales, Clearance Sales you name it there is any number of sales happening at any time during the year.

If the EOFY car sales ads have caught your eye and you are thinking of buying a new car but are not sure if the price is really as good as the ads say? Our advice to clients is the price is important however there are other factors to consider when buying a new car. Purchasing a new car is generally the second biggest purchase you will make. A home is considered the biggest. Therefore not something to take lightly.

Factors To Consider When Buying At EOFY Car Sales

There are a number of factors to take into account when you are thinking about buying before EOFY. These factors are related to your personal circumstances more than whether the price at the EOFY car sales is the best. This is because of the psychology of sales. They are designed to over-ride the logical part of your brain and tap into your emotional side. However, if a new car is what you want and need then there are some great deals to be had. Knowing you are getting the best deal is discussed a little later. But let’s look at the 5 factors to consider before buying at EOFY Car Sales.


  • Have you financed your car and it is almost at the end of its term? You should definitely start thinking about an upgrade or refinancing. This gives you the opportunity to renegotiate your rate and drive a newer car.
  • Is your car about to come out of the warranty period. Now is a good time to either upgrade or add an extended warranty to the car.
  • Have your personal circumstances changed e.g. having a baby, getting married, landed a new job that needs a car to match your new position? All good reasons to upgrade.
  • Are your repair bills starting to mount? A good reason to upgrade. It is likely if the reliability of your car is starting to become an issue then a new car with a good warranty will save you money and hassle.
  • You have never really liked your car and never enjoy driving it. It is definitely time to consider a new car.

What is the Best Time To Buy a New Car?

The best time is when it suits your personal and financial circumstances, however, if all the stars align and you are ready to buy a new car. Then EOFY car sales are traditionally one of the most heavily discounted periods.

The reason for this is dealers yearly financial reporting must be done and they are more motivated than at other times to generate the highest total sales figures they can. This is also a time when car manufacturers release a new model or a model has a mid-life facelift. Dealers do not want any old stock and push hard to clear everything before the new models arrive.

You have done your research and taken into account your personal and financial circumstances and are ready to buy. How do you know you are getting the best car at the right price that meets your needs?

Getting the Best Deal

If you buy during EOFY car sales or end of year car sales you are likely to be able to negotiate a pretty good deal. You will need to do some running around and visit a couple of dealerships and be prepared to play hardball with the salesperson but you will probably get a competitive price. Will it be the best price maybe but probably not? Unless of course you love negotiating and have compared pricing across a dozen different dealers and have plenty of time on your hands to speak to all those salespeople.

This is why the surest and easiest way is to use the service of a professional car broker and get access to the enormous buying power they have as opposed to that of an individual.  It is rare we can not negotiate better pricing than an individual can even during EOFY car sales. But it is more than just price.

What we do is protect our customers and make sure they get the right car at the right price.  After 6 years and many 5 star testimonials, we believe we can say with confidence we will get you the best deal and make car buying one of life’s great pleasures!


EOFY car sales ads are very compelling but will you get a better deal than at other times of the year? Generally, yes. Dealers are very competitive at this time of the year. If you are ready to buy, have the appetite to negotiate hard and time to visit multiple dealers chances are you will get a good deal.

Could we get you a better deal? Probably. How? By accessing our large dealer network, our understanding of the market and negotiating skills. This is our world, getting the best car for the best price for our clients.

If you would like to know more about how we can help before EOFY car sales are over. Contact us below, through our Enquire Now form.

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