Car Models Discontinued-2020

End Of The Decade and Car Models Discontinued

As we prepare to start a new decade we take a quick look at the last 10 years and the car models discontinued for 2020 that many will miss… or not!

Decline of Sedans

Sedans and coupes are on the endangered species list. This was the car type most chosen by Australians at the beginning of the decade but not any more. Now it is all about the SUV small, medium and large!

Over the past decade the large car market has shrunk as buyers move into the medium and large SUV segment chasing a car that provides more versatility, a higher ride height and perceived better safety.

Rise Of The Ute

The decade also saw the rise of the humble work ute to a new level with Mercedes Benz launching the x-class and families choosing the dual cab ute over more traditional choices. The work horse is now so much more and incorporates the latest technology and safety features.

Electric Reality

Electric cars are now making Australia’s Best Car list this year competing equally. Adoption has been driven by dieselgate which saw motorists fall out of love almost over night with the previously much loved diesel engine. Diesel was seen as fast and frugal and so much better than those terrible oil guzzling engines! Sales of diesels plunged and continues today. Many manufacturers are choosing to remove the variant from their product line. Porsche will not be making anymore diesel engines and the all electric Taycan debuted this year in Australia. As we close out the decade Toyota, Fiat, Jeep, Suzuki, Hyundai & Kia also are committing to removing diesels from their ranges. Placing many buyers at a crossroad in 2019. Certainly cars will not become electric overnight as there are still a few hurdles to overcome in particular recharging infrastructure and battery life.

Autonomous Driving

We also heard a lot about autonomous cars and Brisbane Australia was host to the first purpose built autonomous car that took part in ordinary on-road traffic trials. We saw the rise of automated features such as self-parking and lane-keep assist. However the Australian Government’s prediction is it will be 20 years before we see the car driving you!

Car Models Discontinued

It has been a great decade of driving but a few car models will not be joining us in 2020. As we close out the decade we say good bye to the car models discontinued that many will miss.

Audi TT. 

Launched in 1998, the Audi TT was a well-rounded little sporty coupe and convertible, both in terms of its styling and performance. This first generation design helped redefine Audi. Audi is pulling the plug on the current TT line to make room for EVs and crossovers however there is a suggestion it will return as an electric sports car.


BMW will loose the 3 Series Gran Turismo, 6 Series Gran Turismo, and 6 Series Gran Coupe. These almost hatchback SUV’s never quite made the hit list. Each was a four-door coupe/hatchback variation that didn’t look nearly as good looking as the models they were based on. Drivers prefer an SUV.

Jaguar XJ  

After 50 years the brand’s flagship sedan is no more with a successor to be revealed sometime next year. A teaser was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The plan is to relaunch as an all-electric luxury car. Hybrid gas/electric versions are also expected to be in the mix.

Volkswagen Beetle

When Volkswagen revived its most iconic model as the New Beetle for the 1998 model year, it was a genuine head-turner and evoked memories of the iconic original. A second generation debuted for 2012 but by then the thrill had gone. The iconic Bug is is to be no more again. We are feeling a little nostalgic.

Holden Commodore and Astra

The Holden family will loose two members in 2021. After 40 years, Australia’s iconic Commodore  will no longer be sold in dealerships. You can still buy the Commodore untill the end of 2020. The Astra will also be cut from the Holden line. The market no longer wants sedans, the market belongs to crossovers and SUV’s

Its A Wrap

Goodbye to a great decade of cars, inovation, technology and controversy. The next decade looks exciting for cars, their drivers and the environment. However not all car models will be going through to the next round! Some owners may feel a great sense of loss. We know the Holden Comodore will be sadly missed by many Australians. Times are a changin..

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