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  • by: redplum • 5 years ago

Would you like to take the stress out of negotiating the best price on your new or used car?

We have not met too many people who would say no to this question. We believe buying a car should be one of life’s great experiences, even if cars are not really your thing, it should not be difficult.

But here’s the thing, buying a car is a big deal. It takes a lot of time to find the right car and test-drive the car you think you want then once you have decided, then haggle with the dealer on how much you will pay. Then, of course, there are questions of finance, insurance, extended warranties, aftermarket products and let’s not forget a trade-in if you have one.

Buying a car is up there with buying a house. This is not something you do everyday, so it is not familiar territory for most people. What we have found is people would like to make the process easier, less stressful but they would also like to know they are getting the best price possible.

That’s where using a car broker can make buying a car better.

At Red Plum Automotive we guarantee we will make it easy for you to buy a car at the best price with the least amount of interruption to your daily life.

Some recent surveys conducted in the US by car buying site Autotrader and CarFinance.com concluded that the least favourite part of buying a car was negotiating the car’s sale price and the most favourite part was researching.

Why is this? The surveys concluded people feel that salesman in a dealership have an unfair advantage because they are selling and negotiating all day everyday and they have access to information that the customer does not have. In other words the salesman is in control.

Wouldn’t you rather be in control without the pressure?

That’s where using a car broker can help.

Just in case you are not sure what it is a car broker does… our definition.

“A car broker works for you the client to negotiate and buy a new or used car. Think of us as your middleman who will handle that uncomfortable haggling process for you! The basic principle is a broker has greater buying power and more practiced negotiating skills than an individual, which, means we can achieve a better price than you can negotiate for yourself.”


Still not sure? Receiving our customer’s good referral is what makes our business successful. If you haven’t read our recent testimonials we encourage you to spend a few minutes having a quick read.


Finally, some people might think using a third party will be more expensive but this is rarely if ever the case. If you come to us and have already spent a lot of time negotiating the price and we don’t believe we can beat it then we will be the first to suggest you should accept the better deal.

One other thing we would ask you to consider though is when thinking about using a car broker is that like a lot of things in life not all things are created equal and not all car brokers are created equal. Doing your research on the broker you use is just as important as researching your next car. We welcome your questions and are happy to help you better understand why we believe there honestly is no better way to buy a car!

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