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Buying A Car Before EOFY

Buying A Car Before EOFY As the end of the financial year  (EOFY) approaches, it is time to think about finances and investments. One often-overlooked opportunity… Read More

Are electric cars worth it?

Are electric cars worth it? The  Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA’s) most recent rate raise will, of course, impact car loan interest rates. Add to this… Read More

Buying A Car In 2022 – What’s Changed?

Buying a car in 2022 is very different to past years. A rise in demand, manufacturing closures, slowdowns and supply chain problems have hit the auto… Read More

When should I buy an electric vehicle?

If you are in the market for a new car, you may ask when I should buy an electric vehicle? The electric revolution is coming and… Read More

Car Models Discontinued

Car Models Discontinued-2020

End Of The Decade and Car Models Discontinued As we prepare to start a new decade we take a quick look at the last 10 years… Read More

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How To Buy A Luxury Car For Under $50K

Buy A Luxury Car For Under $50K – Find out how A luxury car is becoming more affordable and achievable than ever before. In fact, it… Read More

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