Roadworthy’s – Which States/Territories Require?

Knowing the States/Territories that require a seller to have a roadworthy to sell a car makes car buying safer. On a recent car buying trip to Western Australia, we discovered that roadworthy’s was not a requirement for private vehicle sales in the west. Most people would assume it is the same in all States and Territories, but this is not the case. Are you confused? Don’t be. We have simplified it for you and identified the States and Territories that require or don’t require a Roadworthy.


  • Queensland has rigorous requirements for selling cars. A deregistered vehicle or an interstate vehicle must display a certificate to sell.
  • Victoria has no roadworthy requirement to sell. However, the registration is not transferable. We recommend a certificate.
  • Australian Capital Territory is the same as Victoria; therefore, we recommend a certificate.
  • New South Wales is a little less clear. A blue slip is required if a car is under five years, a safety inspection and an integrity check. That includes vin, engine numbers etc. If a vehicle is over five years or transferring interstate, a pink slip or e-safety check is required. A safety check at the time of sale is not needed, as all vehicles must have a safety check carried out every year. The safety check requires the completion of the pink slip. 


  •  Western Australia does not require a certificate for private vehicles unless imported or modified.
  • South Australia has no requirement for a seller to have a roadworthy inspection done on the used car they are selling. However, there are exceptions when a roadworthy inspection is required: e.g. if a vehicle’s seating capacity is modified, the car is registered in another state, is more than three years old or is a repaired, economically written-off vehicle. All exceptions are available here.
  • Tasmania has the Defective Vehicle and Random Vehicle Inspection call-in scheme to check vehicles that may be considered un-roadworthy.
  • Northern Territory, if your vehicle is under three years old and under 4.5 tonnes before it is registered, renewed or transferred from interstate, it must be inspected and issued with a compliance certificate.


In each State that does require a roadworthy or safety certificate, a qualified and authorised examiner of that State must carry it out. This inspection usually takes about 40 – 50 minutes, and a detailed report is issued. If the vehicle fails the examination, the sale will not proceed until rectification. Generally to be done within 14 days of selling. Check with your State Department to ensure proper compliance as there is some variation.

What an inspection will check

  •      Tyres including spare
  •      Body Rust/ Damage
  •       Interior Trims
  •      Roof
  •      Engine
  •      Gear Box
  •      Differential
  •       Brakes
  •       Steering
  •       Suspension
  •       Windscreen
  •       Lights
  •       Exhaust

If you need a roadworthy done for a vehicle or if you would like advice on purchasing a used car or even have us help sell a car, we recommend Redbook Inspect. Redbook Inspect operates around the country and has qualified mechanics that can generally come to you for roadworthy or pre-purchase inspections. You might also find this story Sell Privately V Trade car to a dealer if you want to sell or buy a used car.


Knowing which State/Territory requires roadworthy’s can be confusing at first. However, it is essential to clarify whether you are a seller or a buyer, particularly buying interstate.

For those States that don’t require a roadworthy for a sale to occur, we always recommend a Pre-Purchase inspection of any used vehicle. The small investment made in this could save you thousands in the long run. Roadworthy’s- which State/Territories require one is vital information when buying or selling a car privately.

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