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  • by: redplum • 5 years ago

We are often asked “ Is a Car Broker worth it?”. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes – but only if you choose the right car broker.

Like many things in life not all car brokers are created equal. With the good come the not so good. There has been some negative association around car brokers and in our experience this is due to brokers who enter the industry looking to make a quick buck. They may have a sales background but most of the time they think they know just enough about cars to get a leg up – usually they disappear almost as fast as they appeared and unfortunately sometimes tarnish the good work done by professional car brokers.

So how can you protect yourself and ensure using a car broker is worth it? We have created a checklist to help guide and protect car buyers.

Is a car broker worth it

7 things to look for when choosing a car broker;


1. The business not only has a broker’s license but a dealer’s license – this provides more peace of mind, security and consumer rights coverage.

2. That the person handling your sale holds a salesperson license but ideally has worked within the new car industry (with reputable dealers across multiple brands) for a minimum of five years, preferably more.

3. Check customer testimonials – whether they are on google, social media or review sites . No reviews or social media interaction can indicate an inferior brokerage company. If people have had a positive experience they’re always happy to talk about it.

4. Your broker should have extensive up to date car knowledge. They are there to guide and advise you not just in the car purchasing process but also make, model, your trade, finance, aftermarket and insurance needs if required.

5. Ensure the car brokering company you are doing business with is working collaboratively within the industry and has relationships with dealerships, financiers, insurance brokers and aftermarket providers with recognised professional companies. Who they do business with is a reflection of who they are.

6. A good car broker’s job is not finished when the car is delivered. They should be available post purchase to answer any questions or queries you might have.

7. You shouldn’t pay an up front charge. Or any charge at all for that matter. Good car brokers will always disclose to their customers that they receive a fee, which is paid by the dealer not by the buyer.


Is a car broker worth it?

3 Reasons Why


1. They have the ability to negotiate strongly for you. The negotiation process is a complicated one and is not a skill most people are good at or practice often. Negotiating the purchase of a new car is generally the second biggest purchase in your life second to buying a house. This is high level negotiating.

2. Anybody can get you a car. A good broker will get you the best car at the best price available in the market that is right for your personal or business circumstances.

3. You’ll have direct access to decades of car industry knowledge and knowledge across all makes and models. Not a bad thing to have up your sleeve given the speed of technological advances currently happening in the world of cars.