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Best Electric Cars –

Top 5 To Buy in 2019.


Electric cars are becoming more desirable and more affordable in 2019. Cost, range and charging are not the barriers to entry they once were. The combustion engine still has a place in the near future but it is electric and hydrogen-powered cars that are the future. We think these are the best electric cars to buy this year. However, this list will grow as automakers introduce new models throughout the year. We will update as the year progresses.

Why are electric cars all of a sudden having their moment? The harsh reality is it is not because automakers want to be green. It is because of regulatory agencies, in particular, the European Union regulatory agencies. These agencies are imposing ever-stricter limits on carbon and nitrogen oxide pollution. Countries such as, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have put into legislation that petrol and diesel cars cannot be sold in those countries from 2030. Automakers have no choice but to comply.

We were recently in Germany and visited the VW Wolfsburg factory where we saw first hand the level of commitment the German maker has to the electrification of its cars.

VW CEO Mattheis Müller – which owns 12 auto brands and is one the world’s four largest car makers. VW announced in 2018 at their annual media launch a new electric car will launch “virtually every month” starting in 2019. Their brands include Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda and Bugatti.

The indication is 80 new electric cars and SUV models would be available by 2025 with the focus on VW, Porsche and Audi cars. By 2030, Müller said all of VW’s 300 models would have an electric variant.

In total, the company aims to sell 3 million electric cars a year across the group by 2025.


Best Electric Cars

“Electrifying – The e-Golf is the electrical version of Volkswagen’s most successful model: a symbol of the future and changing attitudes. Even for the production of ELECTRIC CARS, a rethink is necessary.”

Electric car sales in Australia are increasing, although, some manufacturers like Hyundai and Jaguar are saying for electric cars to become mainstream in Australia there needs to be a commitment from the Government to be more active in supporting electric cars through incentives. Each of the world’s biggest manufacturers says they can now mass-produce electric cars. However, they need to be at a price the majority of people can afford.  Only time will tell.

In addition, the electric vehicle charging network is also important to the success of electric vehicles with many manufacturers committing to it. As is the Federal and State Governments. Along with rapid charging start-up Firefox which recently raised $15million to invest in ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers stretching across four of the country’s biggest capitals. A superhighway in Queensland has been created. Drivers can travel approximately 1800km, from Coolangatta to Cairns using super-fast charging stations supplied by Tritium.

With access to easier charging, the price of electric cars dropping and more makes and models becoming available, the demand for electric cars is increasing.

Let’s look at our Top 5 best electric cars to buy now whatever your budget.


Top 5 Best Electric Cars To Buy Now



The Jaguar I-Pace is the first real competitor to rival the Tesla Model X. It is the first luxury electric car from a European manufacturer. Pricing starts at $119,000 for the entry-level S models up to $160,000 for the First Edition model. The I-Pace is powered by two electric motors outputting 294kW/696Nm and delivered by a 90kWh lithium-ion battery under the floor and is a mid-size five-seater SUV. Jaguar says the I-Pace’s “liquid cooled” 90kWh battery has an official range of 480km per charge. Similar to the Tesla Model X


This is the benchmark for a pure electric luxury saloon. Mr Musk launched this car before all other luxury car brands in June 2012. It has one of the longest ranges, is the home of ‘ludicrous’ mode meaning 0-100 km/h in just under 3 seconds and is a technological powerhouse. It has generous seating for five adults. Tesla has invested in a supercharger network around Australia making this a very special trailblazing electric car. Pricing starts at $117,900 to $192,900.


The electric car for the people or the world’s first mass-market EV. 2019 sees this small hatch taken up a notch. As one reviewer said ‘this isn’t a quirky science experiment that is only interesting because it is electric. Quite the contrary. The Nissan Leaf is an excellent small hatchback that happens to be electric.’ CarAdvice. The new model has more power— 110kW of power and 320Nm of torque — and longer range, up to 270km on a single charge. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but is likely to be around $55,000.


Hyundai IONIQ is your smart family car at a family-friendly price. The Ioniq Elite Electric pricing starts at $44,990. This is the cheapest electric car in the market. It is well spec’d and includes Hyundai’s comprehensive ‘SmartSense safety suite ‘ and a very comprehensive owners package. Hyundai has deliberately created a car that is not too futurist. From the design to the drive. This is an easy electric car to drive and very enjoyable.


Audi’s first mass-produced electric car. Audi has successfully electrified this SUV without changing the DNA of driving an Audi. Unlike Tesla that has successfully made buying an electric car anti-establishment. The German maker wants the experience to be a natural progression into the future.

Size wise it sits between the Q5 and Q7. Two electric motors front and back ensures the Quattro drive experience is not lost. The front motor produces 168 horsepower and 246 Nm of torque while the rear contributes another 188 horsepower and 314 Nm of torque. A large 95-kWh battery pack provides a range of more than 200 miles. The interior is modern and full of high tech.




Our top 5 best electric cars for 2019 review is just the beginning. There are many more makes and models scheduled to arrive in Australia in 2019 however at this stage we think this list provides a good cross section of electric cars that meet the criteria of performance and range, styling and finish plus price.

Electric is the future and car manufacturers are moving very quickly to make the electric car mainstream.  2019 electric cars feel and look more like a new model release combustion engine vehicle than a futuristic car and that’s because electric is the future.

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