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Best Cars in 2017

Our Best Cars in 2017 have been chosen. We list our Top 5.

A new year needs to start with a review of the year before. We chose our Top 5 Best Cars in 2017  in no particular order. They were;  Kia Stinger, 5th Gen Land Rover Discovery, VW Tiguan, Hyundai Kona and the Mercedes-Benz X Class. No supercars were included in the list. Find out why we chose these five as Best Cars in 2017.


1. Kia Stinger

It’s a fantastic alternative to the outgoing Commodore and Falcon.
Has standard versions and AWD 272KW V6 performance version.
Begins a new era of Peter Shryer’s influence over Kia’s progressive design language.


2. New Fifth Generation Land Rover Discovery

Carsales “Car of the Year” for 2017.
Unrivalled luxury and maturity on and off the road just became even better.
The return of 4 cylinder motors to the Discovery line up. New lower fuel usage numbers.
A range of 4WD options giving options to every day tarmac drivers and serious off-roaders alike.
Up to 480KG lighter than the outgoing model.


3. New Volkswagen Tiguan

Massive leap forwards for interconnectivity.
Most important car released by VW in 2017 in one of the most competitive category in car sales.
All new MQB shared platform.
A huge step forward in safety with autonomous braking, lane change and departure assist etc.


4. Hyundai Kona

A new but successful addition to the most competitive segment in the small SUV category.
Bold and daring design that has paid dividends for the brand.
Extensive testing in Australia means it copes very well with our conditions.
Sales netting millennials and baby boomers alike connect to this car.
Total interconnectivity in all models.


5. Mercedes Benz X Class

Labelled the worlds first luxury ute and it’s aimed squarely at traddies.
A $1 billion enterprise backs this car.
A brand new 5 link multilink rear suspension while keeping a 1.1 payload.
Borrowing extensively from its Renault/Nissan alliance but completely overhauling to become a true MB product.
Safe, MB self-labelled the X Class as “worlds safest ute”



It was tough to narrow down the Best Cars in 2017 to a Top 5 List. There were many discussions amongst the team and cars were in then out. Of course, lists are always subjective and we chose not to include the supercars which could form their own list! We chose cars that showed innovation, design, driveability, value for money and technological advancement