7 Driving Tips That Will Save You Time & Money | Red Plum Automotive

  • by: redplum • 5 years ago

You’d be surprised how many simple habits can speedocause damage to your car over time. We’ve put together our top driving tips that will save you time and dollars. It’s bound to be the easiest money you’ve ever made.


  • Always use gentle acceleration. It will save you fuel and reduce your visits to the pump.


  • Brake early and gently rather than with a lead foot. Slowly deaccelerating is much more efficient as it gives the car more time to harness wasted energy.


  • Similarly braking too hard is best avoided. It stresses a car unduly. As well as running the risk of being rear ended by another car – or worst running into someone else.


  • Always look ahead. Not only will you see things earlier but it helps you achieve the first three points!


  • Be kind to your car. Relying on the once yearly visit to the mechanic isn’t enough. Show it some mechanical love by checking the tyre tread depth, lights, coolant and fluid levels monthly. Doing this will mean fewer visit to the mechanic in the long run. Which mean means more $$$ for you.


  • Use the stop-start button if you have one. Why you ask? Because it really does SAVE fuel.