1967 VW Kombi Samba Deluxe Restoration

Restoration project – 1967 VW Kombi Samba Deluxe began in São Palo in November 2018. After 15 months of restoration work, the Kombi is now ready for shipping!

The new owners of this 1967 VW Kombi Samba Deluxe are very excited. Imagine what it would be like taking delivery of this bus? We are excited about this bus arriving and have something special planned. More about that in the coming months.

Come on the adventure with us and see a donor bus restored to a concourse ready icon. However, before we start the journey we invite you to watch the video below and feel the Kombi experience or jump straight into the restoration.

Where Endless Summers Begin!

VW Kombi Split Window Adventure Video Sunshine Coast



Searching for a donor bus is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Many buses found, simply cannot be restored. However, a 1967 VW Kombi was found through our contacts in Brazil and a full ground-up restoration began.

The process to restore is slow. All rust is carefully cut out until only rust-free parts and panels remain. If a panel is unable to be repaired it is replaced from original spares. Occasionally, a new panel is used and only as a last resort. Maintaining the integrity of the bus is key. Once the rust is removed and all panels are in place and straight, aluminium paste is used on all panel seams. A bog compound is NEVER used in our restoration process.

Finally, the body is sandblasted and two undercoats are applied. First, rust proofing and the base undercoat. This is the green and cream shown in the photos. Then the second and final grey sealing undercoat. Getting full coverage on every part of the body is essential for the protection of the bodywork for future generations. An automotive rotisserie system is used to achieves this.


For the engine lover, the beauty is in the detail. Honestly, this engine is a work of art. Every piece receives attention and then some! The engine is fully dismantled and each part is sandblasted. All parts are then restored ready for reassembly.

In our projects, the engine is upgraded to a 1600 cc with twin carbs. Some customers may choose to retain the original engine size however in today’s world a little extra power is our recommendation. New pistons, new cylinder head gaskets and connecting rod and crankshaft bearings are also added.

At the same time, the transmission system is dismantled and sandblasted before reassembling. To complete the engine and transmission restoration an ASSY ignition system and modern alternator are installed along with a new clutch, gearbox, steering joints and pins.


Originally the Kombi had drum brakes which if you have ever had the experience of pumping the brake peddle with fingers crossed that you will stop in time you will appreciate the value of disc brakes. On our projects, we upgrade to disk brakes at the front and replace rear with new drum brakes. This maintains the original driving experience but improves driving safety. Emergency stopping has the angst removed.


All old electrics are stripped out and replaced with new throughout. Where possible all original dials, covers and fittings are kept however seals are new and any broken components are replaced. The new items list is extensive but this will give you the idea; fuses, fuseboxes, relays, battery, headlights, indicators, brake lights, reversing lights, tail lights, interior lights, wipers and washers.


Choosing the right paint colour for a Kombi is a big deal because the Kombi is a reflection of the owner. We love the red and white chosen for this 1967 VW Samba Deluxe restoration. However, when it comes to the paintwork it doesn’t matter what colour it is if the job is done poorly. A bad paint job can never be disguised. Feast your eyes on this flawless finish.

Preparation is the key which you can see has been done to the highest standard on this restoration. Then it is about the skill of the painter, using quality paint and applied in a pristine environment. This is why our restorations stand out. A quality paint job will stand the test of time. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right, the first time! This bus is a rare find and deserves the best.


Adding the finishing touches once the paint has fully cured is like putting the star on top of the Christmas tree and because this is a 1967 VW Kombi Samba Deluxe restoration, additional parts are included compared to transporter models. The extras include;

  • Aluminium Mouldings
  • Front Safari Windscreen
  • Side Pop-out Windows
  • Rear Safari Window
  • Cloth Sunroof
  • Chrome VW Logo
  • American Bumper with Aluminium Trim
  • Front and Rear Australian Standard Seat Belts


You know the journey is almost finished when the upholstery, headliner, sunroof and carpets go in. The traditional colour combination of off-white and beige sets of the red and white exterior perfectly. However, what you can’t see is the sound deading that has been used in behind the door panels. Trust us when we say this is a great modern addition. It does not detract from the driving experience only adds to it. As with all the restorations, we undertake, this can be excluded if originality is important.


It’s not just how you start it’s how you finish. Our job now is to ensure this beautiful restoration arrives safely in Australia and doesn’t get held up on the docks. I am sure you have heard the stories of cars sitting on the dock costing their owners by the day because they do not comply with Australian importation requirements. This may sound a little challenging however if you understand the process and have the right people doing the job the risks are minimised. Our tested systems and procedures reduce this risk to importation.

The 1967 VW Kombi Samba Deluxe is currently undergoing final testing and compliance checks to allow for exportation into Australia. In Australia, we take care of all the paperwork, manage the release from customs and transportation within Australia to the owner. It is now only a matter of months before we can deliver a fully restored bus to the new owners.

Time to sit back and wait for the ship to arrive – we will keep you posted …

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