About Us

Red Plum Automotive aims to bridge a gap in car brokering by focusing on the buyer experience, providing a new level of professional, efficient customer focused service which will save you both time and money.

Managing Director and founder, Christopher Lee, established Red Plum Automotive in 2012. After spending 15 years working the prestige motor trade for AUDI, BMW and Mercedes-Benz he saw a need for a national, personalised brokering service that could take care of the needs of his clients but not for just one brand.

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Management Team

Christopher Lee / Managing Director

Chris began his career in the motor industry in sales and quickly became one of the top ten salespeople in the country. This success afforded him the opportunity to study management through Deloittes, one of the most recognized qualifications within the car industry. Chris has held Sales Management positions with all three German brands during the last decade before beginning Red Plum Automotive in 2012. “I believed there was a better way to buy a car that did not involve going from dealer to dealer haggling. Whilst others were doing something similar I believed I could do it better. Starting from humble beginnings and operating from our kitchen bench to operating a full service car buying business nationally that continues to go from strength to strength is a very rewarding experience. But ultimately it is our customers who are the gauge of our success and their good word and testimonial is what drives us to be even better”.

Genny Nielson / Marketing and Communication

Business is Genny’s passion. After studying business at University and successfully starting and growing restaurant and property business’s over the last 15 years, being part of a new car brokering business that would change how people buy cars, was one she felt she was well equipped to add value to.

“Growing businesses, building brands, understanding customers and their needs whilst exceeding their expectations is what I love and achieving this with Red Plum has been hugely rewarding”

Terry Kerr / General Sales and Business Development

Terry knew from the beginning of his working life cars were his passion. He learnt the ropes quickly at Holden, Subaru and Honda confirming he knew he was doing what he loved. BMW was his next conquest and he was totally hooked. After 4 years of selling and studying this beautiful product inside and out he decided it was time to learn about another German brand and made the move to Audi. Three more years saw him gain even more knowledge about prestige cars and how to truly take care of customers before he took up the role with Red Plum as Sales and Business Development Manager in 2013 shortly after the business began.

“What I enjoy most about my current role is it has me working right alongside my client, saving my clients as much money and stress as possible. This sets my moral compass, it is rewarding on a whole new level to simply making a sale.”

Kim Trevena / Finance, Insurance and Warranties

An automotive industry standout in Finance and Insurance for the last 15 years, Kim has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the world and dealerships in Australia in various Business Manager roles. The insight and understanding of the workings of a dealership gained during these years led to an opportunity to establish her own consultancy business specialising in Finance, Insurance and Human Resource, providing on-going support and management training to dealerships around Australia. Kim joined the Red Plum team in 2014 to manage the Finance, Insurance and Warranties arm of the business.

“Essentially I am a people person and enjoy being an integral part of what in some cases is one of the most important (buying) decisions a customer will make. ”

Ben Lawton / General Sales and Fleet

Ben loves cars and the stats that go with them. He was always the go-to-person when his friends needed to know about what car they should buy so it seemed like a natural progression for him to accept a sales roll at Audi. After working in new and used car sales at Audi for 6 years with great success, his entrepreneurial side drew him to a tech start-up business for a few years. As much as he loved the thrill of the start-up environment and the multiple job roles he covered from strategy to HR he was persuaded to step back into the world of cars and take on the role of Sales and Fleet Manager at Red Plum in 2015.

“My role at Red Plum Automotive allows me to develop meaningful connections with clients because they know we are working with them, instead of against them, to achieve the best possible outcome on their new cars.”