23 Best Recommendations For Sao Paulo


São Paulo is what is called an Alpha World City and the most populous city in Brazil. Known traditionally as the centre for international commerce and finance it is also a city with a deep history of the arts. A recent visit to begin our adventure to import Kombi T1 Splitty's into Australia is how this list of 23 Best Recommendations São Paulo came to be.

This exciting city can be very overwhelming without some insider knowledge and experience. We were fortunate to have both. We believe our 23 Best Recommendations - São Paulo will make life so much easier when visiting this amazing city. These 23 Best Recommendations - São Paulo is just the start of discovering São Paulo.

Places To Stay

Fasano, European style near Rua Oscar Freire.

L'Hotel PortoBay, European style just off Paulista Avenue.

Tivoli São Paulo Mofarrej, Go to be seen and see, just of Paulista Avenue.

Hotel Unique, Ship-shaped design plus a stunning rooftop bar.

Emiliano, Service is taken to new heights in this design hotel.

Palácio Tangará, Stay in your own private estate. Well almost.

Places To Eat


Fogo De Chão Jadans, for a fine dining bbq.

Bovinu's Augusta, for a more casual self-service bbq.


Chez Oscar , Coffee plus best Pão de queijo.

São Paulo Jockey Club, Lunch on the terrace.


Eataly of São Paulo , The New York outpost.

Terraço Insalata, Contemporary Italian dining specialising in salads.


Skye Rooftop Bar @Uniquehotel The place to drink your first caipirinhas and take in the view.

Chez Oscar Super modern architectural bar & restaurant where the locals go. 

Must Tries

Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand - MASP 

Paulista Avenue - Wide avenue in the financial district where you may find yourself as part of a peaceful protest. 

Mercadão Municipal - Fresh Produce Market in beautiful Belle Epoque building

Ibirapuera Park - one of the largest urban parks in Brazil, which also includes The Afro-Brazilian Museum and ModernArt Museum.

Liberdade - Japans largest colony outside of Japan, home to many Japanese, Korean and many other Asia foods and culture.

Instituto Moreira Salles - Paulista, Cultural centre for architecture, photograpy and cinema


Rua Oscar Freire - Beautiful tree lined shopping boulevarde, visit Prince Books and the Havaianas store.

Cidade Jardim, a luxury shopping mall which incorporates large gardens.

JK Iguatemi, modern shopping mall.


Before You Leave

Before you leave Brazil you must try these 6 unique Brazilian foods and drink.


Feijoada: Traditional pork and black bean stew - Brazilian comfort food.

Brazilian BBQ: The gaucho way of cooking meat at 420 degrees Celsius.

Pão de Queijo Coxinha: Crispy hollow cheese puffs of deliciousness.

Brigadeiro: Brazils favourite treat made from condensed milk and cocoa

Açaí: This superfood originated in Brazil.

Caipirinhas: The national cocktail based on cachaça, sugar cane hard liquor, more sugar and lime. Addictive. 

Special thanks to Flavia and Lucélia. Two amazing Brazilian women who grew up in São Paulo, now living in Australia. Who helped guide our stay and navigate this enormous city, to ensure we left feeling the great love they have for their birthplace. There are so many layers to São Paulo and Brazil and so many more worthy places to visit. We look forward to returning very soon to discover more.